Chat Rules

Last updated: July 6, 2015

NOTE: Arguing about the chat rules with a moderator or disrupting the chat by complaining about how you find the rules unfair, stupid, tyrannous, or otherwise strict will result in an immediate ban.

1. No spam – doing so purposely will get you an immediate ban.
2. Do NOT post inappropriate links, or links to other ANIME sites or links to other ANIME chats – this includes links which aren’t clickable (e.g You will be given one warning if it’s your first time posting a link, if you have posted a link previously, you will receive an instant ban. Appropriate images/Youtube videos are allowed, as well as links to other non-anime relate sites. Do not continuously post the same link, you will be given one warning.
3. Posting sexual/gore material is an instant ban. No exceptions, no warnings.
4. No discussion of drugs, this is not a place to talk about your habits or past experiences. You will be warned once, then banned if you continue to do so.
5. Discussion of sexual topics will not be tolerated. You will be banned instantly. This includes asking users to send you their sexual images.

6. Harassing anons or other users will get you an immediate ban. You will not be warned, you should treat everyone in the chat with respect, especially newcomers. 

7. Racism/Discrimination will not be tolerated. You will receive an instant ban.
8. Inappropriate usernames, backgrounds, profile images and fonts will not be allowed.
9. Do NOT post any spoilers – this includes “fake” spoiling. Intentionally posting spoilers on the chat will result in an immediate ban, otherwise, you will be given one warning.
10. Do not be a “grammar nazi” or act like a “know it all”. English may not be the first language of some users, so be respectful, and do not continuously fix their spelling mistakes. You will be given one warning.
11. Do not use caps lock excessively. You will be given a warning, and then banned if you continue to do so.
12. As stated in the official Chatango Terms of Use, we can only allow users aged 13+ to use our chat. This is for the protection of minors.
13. Engaging in Roleplay/Cyber scenarios are not allowed, 1-2 worded RPs are fine. You will be given one warning.
14. New episodes are added to the site as soon as they’re available. Please do not continuously ask when new episodes will be added, it gets annoying and if you really want to find out, you can Google it.
15. This is an English only chat, if you use another language, you will be given a warning.
16. Religious discussions are not allowed, they only bring in unwanted hate.
17. Do not impersonate a mod – you will receive one warning.
18. Bots are NOT allowed on the chat. Anyone found to be bringing bots into the chat will be banned.

No Mod shall unban another Mod’s ban. Only the Admin is granted privilege of unbanning a user banned by another Mod. Users should communicate with the Mod that banned them and work out the issue. 

If you feel you’ve been banned unreasonably, ask one of the mods to forward you to the Admin. The Admin’s decision is final – arguing with the Admin to reverse his decision will only increase your ban time.